About Me

Hello, I'm Linda!

I am a multicultural wedding expert with a passion for bringing diverse cultures together in matrimony. Born in Haiti and raised in Brooklyn and Elmont, New York, I speak fluent Creole and French, making me the perfect choice for your multicultural wedding needs.

My 11-year marriage to my husband, Kalechi Noel, along with our two beautiful daughters and cocker spaniel dog, has only deepened my understanding and love for the beauty and joy of diverse unions. With over a decade of experience in photography, I know that capturing heartfelt moments and beautiful imagery should be an experience, not something to feel intimidated by.

My passion for photography began shortly after graduating when I purchased a camera for my husband - little did I know what would unfold from there.

With time and practice, I was able to hone my craft and specialize in capturing collective emotions and true personalities with each individual photo-taking session.

Over the years, this passion has taken my team and me across three different countries to document beautiful wedding memories. From home on Long Island to abroad in Mexico to the Bahamas, Jamaica, and beyond, I have had the privilege of capturing the special moments for countless couples starting a new life together.

Nearly 270 weddings later, I still find myself committed and excited to create exceptional photographs that will forever commemorate these unique occasions.

My philosophy is to focus on honoring each client while delivering photos of unmatched quality - as such, and I personally limit myself to 30 weddings every year in order to ensure that every single one receives my utmost commitment and attention.

This dedication to providing excellent quality service serves as the foundation of my expertise.


When you book my wedding photography services, I will begin by having an in-depth consultation with you to discuss your vision for the day. We'll go over timeline details, any specific shots or styles of photos you would like taken, and any other expectations that you have. On the day of your event, I'll make sure that all aspects of your big day are captured from beginning to end. As I document your celebration, my goal is to capture both posed portraits as well as candid moments so that each image tells a unique story about your special day.


Whether you're looking for casual shots at home or something more adventurous, I offer high-quality engagement photography services that will capture those perfect memories. There are countless creative options that you can explore with me. The sky is really the limit here—you just need someone who knows what they're doing behind the camera. If you're engaged and searching for high-quality photography services customized specifically for your relationship and lifestyle, look no further than my engagement photography services.

"I almost don't even believe it's me. I feel like I'm in an outer body experience looking at someone else's photo! "

Jessica, 2022 Bride

"...the day goes so fast I feel like I'm experiencing it for the first time through your images "

Mary, 2022 Bride